About Blue Sky’s Founder

Blue Sky Consulting Services was founded in early 2007 by Doris Nagel, who remains its President. 

Doris NagelBlue Sky Consulting “Even while growing up in a small town in Illinois, I was constantly imagining myself in some faraway place. I’ve always been deeply curious about how other people and cultures approach life,” says Nagel, “and how that impacts the way they work. I’m an adventurer at heart, so it’s no surprise that I’ve spent much of the last 25 years traveling extensively and working on international and other complex projects.

Nagel blends that sense of curiosity and adventure with more than 30 years of hands-on business experience to help guide smaller companies as they grow, delivering profitability while also helping them build their expertise and create practical, scalrable business processes so that they can continue to build on their successes.

Most of Blue Sky’s clients are U.S. companies, but Blue Sky Consulting and Doris Nagel also work with many non-U.S. companies seeking to access the U.S. market.  Most are smaller companies, and several are startups.

She help clients balance growth and risk with practical, no-nonsense legal and compliance advice.  She has sucessfully helped companies in a variety of industries and also has substantial experience with multi-jurisdictional acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures, as well as global business integrations and restructurings.

How do clients describe her?

  • Extremely Knowledgeable

  • Practical

  • Efficient

  • Personable

  • Business-Savvy

  • Economical

Along the way, one of the secrets Nagel learned was to develop a broad global network of outstanding local advisors and benchmark partners. “This network is absolutely invaluable – it allows you to get things done quickly, cost-effectively and the right way on the ground, and perhaps even more importantly, is a never-ending storehouse of knowledge about all the pitfalls to avoid,” she says. “The stories are legendary about all the ways you can mess up,” she explains, “and they’re entertaining as long as they’re not YOUR stories.”

Her philosophy is to partner with organizations to thoroughly understand each clients’ business – not just their products, but what drives them and their customers, what keeps their leaders awake at night, and what’s happening in their marketspace – to ensure alignment of goals and strategic priorities.

She also helps design and implement programs that bring the most value to each client. And finally, she leaves clients with tools, methods, and processes to enable the company and its management team achieve their objectives.

She is a graduate of the University of Kansas Law School, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (MS), and the University of Illinois (BA). She is a Board member and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, as well an active member of NASBITE.  She is also a Certified Global Business Professional, a former Adjunct Professor at DePaul University School of Law, and a current instructor at the Illumeo Academy, which focuses on training for mid-market finance, tax, and treasury personnel in mid-market companies.  


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